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You don’t have to understand big data to enjoy big data!

Dataa is not a big data collection company, but is instead a pioneer of big data terminal application services. It not only helps you find valuable information, but also allows you to make decisions easily by applying the information provided for you.

So easy with a single platform

Through our customized platform, you don’t need complicated information processing procedures, and instead need only read the charts and suggestions visualized by the models to make quick decisions.

Is it true that big data always require significant manpower and money, and are difficult to understand?

Invaluable data treasure house

Dataa is fueled by over 300 professional consultants spanning a wide variety of disciplines. When your data are cross-compared with various models built into a database, you can analyze the importance and popularity of these data, to ensure that the data make sense and facilitate optimal decision-making.

Big data=Key data?

Well-seasoned interdisciplinary consultants

These consultants have over 18 years of experience in marketing consultancy services. They have conducted relevant investigations and surveys on public policies, product research and development, and consumer behaviors for government agencies and well-known enterprises. They are familiar with making best suggestions that fit the needs of a client.

How to make data really solve the problem?

Why Dataa can provide all-round services?

Dataa constructs diversified cloud databases for big data.

Integrate the government-disclosed information, Internet public opinion data, and self-built databases needed most by various industries.

Therefore, it provides its clients with the optimal consultancy service for big data decision-making.

Integrated databases comprising open data

A total of 30 databases comprising open data from seven government departments across 11 categories

Consumer behavior and lifestyle databases

Including consumption frequencies and preferences for durable and non-durable consumer goods, as well as related values and lifestyles.

★EZChoice APP

These databases track all consumption behaviors and values of mobile internet users (aged 15-49 years). They are the best tool for surveying young people with over 100,000 members and the best bridge for consumer interaction 2.0.

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Public intention databases

Including people’s political tendencies, election tendencies, trust in public sectors, and support of public policies

Lifestyle databases (GPS)

Including life habits, means of transportation/transportation use, and scope of lifestyle

Internet public opinion databases

Including intensity of online opinion discussions, popular keywords, and emotion analysis,
with information that is updated 12 times a day to grasp trends in public opinion;
these databases monitor over 10,000 websites in real time every five minutes and obtain over 100,000 pieces of news and posts every day.

Internet and mobile phone usage behavior databases

Including usage preferences and value orientations for 3C products and networks

Business cycle databases
Electronic invoice databases

Including consumption information from electronic invoices