New doctor-patient relationship

DKABio provides more rights to know, give consent, and make decisions on medical care


  Professor  Y. S. Lee of the Medical Research Institute of Chung Shan Medical University recently proposed the preventive medicine viewpoint of extending therapeutic medical science to artificial intelligence (AI) precision in public health through the concept of “precision” under the framework of AI technological intervention and knowledge network of big data by considering the evolution of precision medicine that is entering its tenth year. Through AI and big data analysis and calculation, DKABio provides third-party health assessment recommendations between medical institutions and consumers, so that consumers can also apply the results of systematic analysis to determine diseases requiring their priority concern and can fully comprehend their health status when they are in a state of health or sub-health. Thus, they can play a more participatory role in early health management, disease prevention, and early financial planning related to health risks, thereby improving the quality of life and reducing waste of medical resources.


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