No longer just a single organ analysis: “DKABio Smart Health Analytics”

Provides positive health management indicators for risk prediction based on overall health of individuals


  The DKABio system was developed by a big data analysis team led by Professor K.F. Cheng, an authority in biostatistics, and Doctor Y. S. Lee, an authority in the medical circle. It is different from the general health insurance evaluation software. DKABio regards an individual as a complete ecological system, and calculates the “health score” of the individual based on data such as lifestyle, dietary habits, morbidities, family histories, and physical indicators in health examinations, so as to reflect the overall health status of the individual, rather than analyzing the health status of a single organ.

     With the help of the system, consumers can reduce the trend of personal morbidity risk value simply by effectively controlling the health score. In addition to developing a health risk prediction system, DKABio plans to develop a medical decision-making system and a medical insurance system in the future.





General counselor of big data analysis

鄭光甫教授Professor K.F. Cheng


Dataa Data Development Co., Ltd. Executive Consultant

Professor, Department of Business Administration, Asia University

Chair Professor, Taipei Medical University



Director of Biostatistics Research Center of Taipei Medical University, Chair Professor of Department of Public Health, Taipei Medical University, Chair Professor and Director of Biostatistics Center of China Medical University, Dean of School of Management, Dean of Health Care College of China Medical University, Dean of School of Public Health, China University of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Institute of Statistics of the Central University, special lecturer of the Department of Statistics, Feng Chia University, assistant professor of the State University of New York (Buffalo), visiting professor of Tsinghua University, visiting professor of the Harvard University School of Public Health,  and vice president of the Central University


  • To create the Health Information Value-Added Centre of the Department of Health, integrate 34 health-related databases in Taiwan, and establish a system for the use of open materials.

  • Participated in the construction of the clinical research database of the hospital affiliated to Taipei Medical University and China Medical University

  • Invited to participate data analysis and application of large health inspection clinics and medical centers

  • Handling large-scale life insurance company risk measurement analysis in policy design and underwriting applications

  • Invited to assist in the research of clinical research topics and research framework; clinical data building, data processing and statistical analysis, etc.

General Medical consultant


Professor Y. S. Lee


Dataa Data Development Co., Ltd. Executive Consultant

Professor, School of Medicine, Zhungshan Medical University



Executive Director of the Hospital of Zhungshan Medical University; Vice President of China Medical University, Dean of Health Care College, R&D Director, Board of Directors, Director of Hospital Medical Research Department; Dean of Chang Gung University School of Medicine; Director of Clinical Medicine Research Institute; Executive Director of Chinese Medicine System; Director and Vice Dean of Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital; Chairman of Chang Gung Research and Development Committee; Dean of Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital


Visiting Researcher, Beijing Institute of Electron Microscopy, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Visiting Professor, Peking University;Visiting Professor, Beijing Medical University (now Peking University School of Medicine); Visiting Professor, Shanghai Medical University (now Fudan University School of Medicine); Adjunct Professor, School of Medicine, Xiamen University; Visiting Professor of Chengdu University of TCM; Visiting Professor of Yangzhou University; Visiting Professor of Fujian Medical University; Visiting Professor of China Medical University; Visiting Professor of Inner Mongolia Medical College


First Vice President of the Chinese Heart Association; Executive Director of the Taiwan Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment Association;Executive Director of the Taiwan Society of Arteriosclerosis and Vascular Diseases Prevention and Treatment;Executive Director of the Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Association; Board Chairman and Honorary Chairman of the Founding Committee of the Republic of China (Electronic) Microscopy Society


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